Human Resource Administrator

Duration: 2022-06-21 - 2022-07-03
Job position: Human Resource Administrator

Novateur Nigeria

NAIC House

Job description

Position Title:

Human Resource Administrator 

Creation Date:

June 2021

Last Update: 

June 2022

Line Manager:

Management Team


All Employees



Salary Band:

₦840,000 - ₦1,200,000 (Annually)

Key Relationships:

Employees, Management Team, Clients, and Vendors

Reporting Times:

Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) 

Role Overview:

A Human Resource Administrator (HRA) has both management and administrative responsibilities within an organization. You will take ownership of all HR matters across the company from recruitment to performance reviews, salary reviews, disciplinary action, and learning and development of staff.

You will act as the first point of contact for HR-related queries from employees and external partners. Your main administrative duties include maintaining personnel records, managing HR documents (e.g. employment records and onboarding guides), and updating internal databases. You should have experience with HR procedures and can juggle various administrative tasks in a timely manner.

Ultimately, as an HRA, you should be able to ensure our HR department supports our employees while conforming to labor laws.


  1. Meet up with the organization’s goals and targets. 
  2. Develop and sustain solid relationships with employees, employers, clients, and vendors. 
  3. Perform recruitment exercises for the organization.
  4. Create job descriptions for new and existing job roles on our Recruitment Portal.  
  5. Conduct interviews for applicants.
  6. Maintain a smooth induction and onboarding process for new recruits.
  7. Receive visitors and clients into the organization. 
  8. Train, counsel, and coach employees.
  9. Organize yearly retreats for the organization.
  10. Conduct Performance Appraisals for staff and monitor employee Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  11. Recommend and oversee employee bonuses, benefits, and compensations.
  12. Resolve conflicts through positive and professional mediation.
  13. Ensure that disciplinary measures are being adhered to. 
  14. Calculate and review employee salaries and ensure payment is made to them.
  15. Oversee employee welfare as well as office environment management and sanitation. 
  16. Maintain office/workspace decorum.
  17. Keep records of company assets and provide reports when needed.
  18. Organize and maintain compliant personnel records.
  19. Approve and update internal databases such as leave, holiday, attendance, and payroll records.
  20. Prepare HR documents, like employment contracts, new hire guides, and any other important documents. 
  21. Review company policies as well as legal compliance. 
  22. Liaise with external partners, like vendors, to ensure  that company compliance is met. 
  23. Serve as the link of communication between the Management Team and employees. 
  24. Exhibits cooperation and teamwork amongst employees.
  25. Create clear and concise reports from meetings or projects.
  26. Organize team bonding activities and any other social event such as birthdays, outings, send forth ceremonies, anniversaries, etc. 
  27. Vet and check that created Purchase Orders (POs) are fully compliant for approval and payment to vendors.
  28. Update and file all Compliance documents.
  29. Fill and submit tenders. 
  30. Any other duty that may be required.

Experience Requirements:

  1. Experience working in Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics, or related roles.
  2. Experience in Human Resource Management and Public Administration. 
  3. Proficient in the use of computer and IT tools as well as CRM software and any other software. 
  4. Understanding of People Management, Administration, and Labour Law.
  5. Extensive technical knowledge of how technology can be used to enhance human resource operations.
  6. Experience in staff training, conflict resolution, disciplinary processes, and workplace investigations.
  7. Strong communication, presentation, organizational, prioritization, time, and task management skills. .
  8. Ability to build rapport with employees and employers. 
  9. Work well under pressure, and with little to no supervision whilst achieving targets.

Competency  Requirements:

  1. BSc. in Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Economics, or related.
  2. Minimum of 1 year in a similar role.
  3. Excellent managerial skills.
  4. Excellent presentation skills.
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  6. Exemplary leadership skills.
  7. Strong communication skills (writing, reading, listening, and speaking).
  8. Highly Analytical.
  9. Tech-driven & Entrepreneurial at heart.
  10. IT Skills (Advanced).


  1. Integrity
  2. Highly organized 
  3. Self-disciplined
  4. Presentable appearance
  5. Pleasant personality
  6. Detail-oriented
  7. Team player
  8. Problem-solving skills
  9. Target-driven and Result-oriented
  10. Innovative and Creative
  11. Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  12. Leadership Skills


  1. Non-revenue generation:
    1. 100% People Management 
    2. 100% Assets Management
    3. 100% Compliance and Documentation
    4. Employee Monthly Salary Payment
    5. Employee Quarterly Training
    6. Employee Quarterly Appraisal 
  1. Business Development:
    1. Recruitment for new brands and roles.
    2. Creation of job descriptions, positions, and roles.


  1. Health & Wellness
    1. Employee assistance program focused on mental health.
  2. Financial Wellbeing
    1. 0.01% - 10%  performance bonus on client’s projects successfully executed.  
    2. 5% - 20% commission on new clients acquired from the post holder’s social capital.
    1. Compensation for work successfully carried out
    2. Bonuses subject to management’s approval:
    3. 1-on-1 Financial Coaching
  3. Flexibility & Time-Off
    1. Hybrid work environment up to 2 days/week subject to management's approval and needs of the business.
    2. Paid time off work post probation including vacation, bereavement, jury days, sick leave, parental leave, disability, and approved holidays.
    3. Remote work opportunities.
  4. Community & Personal Development
    1. Educational reimbursement for approved learning programs.
    2. Access to internal training.
    3. Unrestricted access to sell personal courses on the organization’s e-learning platform.
  5. Novateur Extras subject to Management’s approval
    1. Air-Conditioned Work Spaces
    2. Conference Room
    3. Small Meeting Areas
    4. Kitchen Area
    5. Entertainment Section fitted with a Pool Table, TV, Media Player, & Game Console,
    6. Internet-enabled computers & devices
    7. Email & Telephone Systems
    8. Restroom
    9. Printing & Photocopying Machines
    10. Stationery, Postage, & Packaging
    11. Daily Newspapers & Reference Books
    1. Inspiring spaces to work & collaborate;
    2. Access to top-notch work and productivity tools.
    3. Recognition & Rewards.
    4. Celebration of Special days & events subject to Management’s approval.
    5. Company-sponsored trips and travel.
    6. Expense reimbursement on substantiated company-related expenses with receipts.
    7. Career advise.


  1. Minimum of 18 months contract.
  2. Subject to 3 months probationary evaluation on the job at minimum salary band.
  3. 3 months' notice before resignation or termination. 
  4. Refund of 3 months salary in breach of 1,2,3 above. 
  5. Compulsory attendance of induction, quarterly scheduled training, and organization’s yearly retreat.
  6. Self-paced learning of how to use work and productivity tools within the probation period. 
  7. Access to a smartphone and internet connection. 
  8. Availability and reachability via phone and/or email. 
  9. Provision of Police report or background check.
  10. Provision of signed guarantor or reference from the previous place of work.
  11. Medical report for frequent sick leave beyond approved limits.
  12. Abide by all organization policies including but not limited to Employee Policy, Information Protection Policy, and ATIT.

Skill Required

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