Staff Accountant Position

Duration: 2022-10-12 - 2022-10-19
Monthly Salary: ‎₦50,000.00 - ‎₦100,000.00
Job position: Accountant

Novateur Nigeria

NAIC House

Job description

Position Title:


Creation Date:

September 2022

Last Update: 

September 2022

Line Manager:

Management Team


All Employees



Salary Band:

₦50,000 - ₦1,200,000 (Annually)

Key Relationships:

Employees, Management Team, and Vendors

Reporting Times:

Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) 

Role Overview:

We are looking for an accountant to oversee all financial operations, including fixed payments and variable expenses, as well as bank deposits and budgeting. Our ideal candidate is dependable and capable of working quickly without compromising precision. 

Auditing financial records and processes, comparing bank Statements, computation of tax obligations and returns are all tasks that fall under an accountant's purview. 

You should have a solid understanding of accounting and financial rules and procedures as well as excellent computer, verbal, and written communication skills. Additionally, you should be able to meet deadlines and give management clear and comprehensive reports. 

To be effective in this capacity, you need to have prior bookkeeping knowledge as well as an eye for recognizing numerical errors.

Ultimately, you will provide us with precise quantitative information on our company's financial position, liquidity, and cash flows while collaborating with the external finance team to ensure we are in compliance with all tax regulations.


The accounts department or team has an administrative function or back-office role to ensure smooth operations for the company. Enlisted below are the crucial responsibilities of this role:

  • Budgeting: Work with the various team leads to prepare budgets for each brand on a quarterly basis. Additionally, assist in the planning of future annual expenditures, such as fixed asset acquisitions.
  • Billing: Collecting information from shipping and customer orders to create invoices for customers.
  • Collections: Tracking overdue invoice payments from vendors on the CRM.
  • Payables: Collection of supplier invoices and employee expense reports, creating and issuing purchase orders; verification of billed amounts for payment, and the issuing of payments to recipients on scheduled payment dates. 
  • Payroll: Collection of the employees' pay rate information from HR, calculation of tax and other pay deductions, and issuing net pay in cash modes.
  • Credit: Granting credit to customers. This is often a treasury role, although in smaller organizations with no treasury department, it may fall within the jurisdiction of the accounting department or team.
  • Financial reports/statements: Adjustment of journal entries to ensure that the company's initial financial results are in accordance with the appropriate accounting framework.
  • Internal reporting: Calculating the profitability of various goods, product lines, services, clients, sales areas, stores, and other company variables in order to enhance financial performance.

As it relates to Novateur, the duties for this role include:

  • Ensure that comprehensive income statements, reports, and audit reviews are prepared and submitted on a monthly basis.
  • VAT and withholding tax preparation, computation, and payment.
  • Maintain office procedures for petty cash/raising vouchers, receipts, and bills in an efficient manner.
  • Preparation of the mid-year bonus and awards as well as the quarterly budget and variance analysis for all brands.
  • Maintain records and documents, such as tax receipts and certificates, and ensure that they are properly obtained and filed.
  • Comply with financial policies and regulations.
  • Reconciling cash receipts and deposits.
  • Manage outgoing bills and invoices on behalf of the company.
  • Ensuring that all payments are made in accordance with company policy.
  • Updating and maintaining records of expenditures.

Experience Requirements:

  1. 1-2 years of experience working in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, or related roles.
  2. Similar experience as a Staff Accountant or relevant role in accounting. 
  3. Proficient in the use of computer and IT tools as well as CRM software and any other software. 
  4. Understanding of mathematics and accounting and financial processes.
  5. Extensive knowledge of the Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA), the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), the various FIRS regulations and procedures, and the State Internal Board of Revenue regulations.
  6. Confidentiality and integrity, Ethical behavior.
  7. Ability to build rapport with employees and vendors. 
  8. Work well with minimal supervision whilst achieving targets.

Competency  Requirements:

  1. BSc. in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, or related.
  2. Minimum of 1 year in a similar role.
  3. Knowledge of Quickbooks is a plus.
  4. Excellent managerial skills.
  5. Excellent presentation skills.
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  7. Exemplary leadership skills.
  8. Strong communication skills (writing, reading, speaking, and listening).
  9. Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills.
  10.  Hands-on experience with accounting software.
  11.  Must reside in Abuja.


  1. Integrity
  2. Highly organized 
  3. Presentable appearance
  4. Pleasant personality
  5. Attention to details
  6. Team player
  7. Problem-solving skills
  8. Target-driven and Result-oriented
  9. Innovative and Creative
  10. Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  11. Leadership Skills


  1. Health & Wellness
    1. Employee assistance program focused on mental health.
  2. Financial Wellbeing
    1. 0.01% - 10%  performance bonus on client’s projects successfully executed.  
    2. 5% - 20% commission on new clients acquired from the post holder’s social capital.
    1. Compensation for work successfully carried out
    2. Bonuses subject to management’s approval:
    3. 1-on-1 Financial Coaching
  3. Flexibility & Time-Off
    1. Hybrid work environment up to 2 days/week subject to management's approval and needs of the business.
    2. Paid time off work post probation including vacation, bereavement, jury days, sick leave, parental leave, disability, and approved holidays.
    3. Remote work opportunities.
  4. Community & Personal Development
    1. Educational reimbursement for approved learning programs.
    2. Access to internal training.
    3. Unrestricted access to sell personal courses on the organization’s e-learning platform.
  5. Novateur Extras subject to Management’s approval
    1. Air-Conditioned Work Spaces
    2. Conference Room
    3. Small Meeting Areas
    4. Kitchen Area
    5. Entertainment Section fitted with a Pool Table, TV, Media Player, & Game Console,
    6. Internet-enabled computers & devices
    7. Email & Telephone Systems
    8. Restroom
    9. Printing & Photocopying Machines
    10. Stationery, Postage, & Packaging
    11. Daily Newspapers & Reference Books
    1. Inspiring spaces to work & collaborate;
    2. Access to top-notch work and productivity tools.
    3. Recognition & Rewards.
    4. Celebration of Special days & events subject to Management’s approval.
    5. Company-sponsored trips and travel.
    6. Expense reimbursement on substantiated company-related expenses with receipts.
    7. Career advice.


  1. Minimum of 18 months contract.
  2. Subject to 3 months probationary evaluation on the job at minimum salary band.
  3. 3 months' notice before resignation or termination. 
  4. Refund of 3 months salary in breach of 1,2,3 above. 
  5. Compulsory attendance of induction, quarterly scheduled training, and organization’s yearly retreat.
  6. Self-paced learning of how to use work and productivity tools within the probation period. 
  7. Availability and reachability via phone and/or email. 
  8. Provision of Police report or background check.
  9. Provision of signed guarantor or reference from the previous place of work.
  10. Medical report for frequent sick leave beyond approved limits.
  11. Abide by all organization policies including but not limited to Employee Policy, PSHEA, Information Protection Policy, and ATIT.

Skill Required

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